Friday, April 13


Tom DeLay was pushing his campaign to get Rosie O'Donnell fired from "The View" on Michael Medved's radio show today. I tuned in to the discussion late, but just in time to hear ol' Tom say something so dumb it even shocked Michael, who protested.

Seems DeLay had been suggesting that conservatives use the same "tactics" against Rosie O'Donnell as he alleged Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson used to get Don Imus fired: organizing protests in front of the CBS and MSNBC offices, pressuring sponsors of the Imus show, lining up influencers to join them in demanding Imus' dismissal, etc. He said at one point, "That's the way the liberals came after me." A caller suggested that conservatives are just too honorable (unlike liberals) to stoop to such maneuvers, and Michael agreed. He asked DeLay if it wouldn't be worth a try to talk to Rosie and ask her to give a break to the conservatives who appear on her show, to add another conservative to the roster of hosts "so it's not three to one against poor Elisabeth Hasselbeck."

DeLay responded with a mirthless laugh and said to Michael, Would you ask something like that of Osama Bin Laden after he'd bombed us? Michael responded, Wait a minute, you can't compare Rosie to Bin Laden. DeLay said something like, sure I can. Michael said, verbal attacks aren't the same as murder. And DeLay came right back with, "Yes they are, they're murdering your character."

A shaken Michael still found himself able to end the session a moment later with a mild compliment to Tom DeLay.

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