Wednesday, July 30


I'm in the end game of launching a new portal/intranet for my company. The days are long and the nights pretty close to sleepless. It's perhaps a good distraction from the continuing saga of Obama and his public.

I simply can't get on board the bus when I've already been thrown under it, and the more Democrats I talk to, the more I find that I'm not close to being alone. Most of us agree that we simply can't bring ourselves to vote for John McCain (at least, not yet), but I've never witnessed so much dissatisfaction with a Democratic Party (presumptuous) nominee. My take on it is, those who were with him before the end of the primaries are still with him; those who weren't, are not. Despite what the polls and the media try to tell us, my Democratic acquaintance are split right down the middle. And that bodes big, big trouble for the GE and the DNC.

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